Detailed measurements of L4, L8 and L16 Base

I frequently get requests for dimensions – usually, what you really need to know is exactly how to mount one of my scrubbers.

Below you will find a series of pictures of the Base that is used for the L4, L8, and L16.  The same Base is used for each size (the L2 is shorter in length).

Please note that this is not how this particular part actually arrives: these only show the Base itself.

Length: Approximately 16.75″

Width: Approximately 5″ (actual: 4.875″ without LED Lights; 6″ with LED lights installed)

Underside of base (drain center locations shown)

Drain extensions match the outer dimension of 2″ PVC pipe

Drains are centered on bottom

Primary drain center: 9.5″ as measured from Secondary Drain end:

Secondary Drain Center (1.5″ from end)