Pricing & Availability

The L2, L4, L8 and L16 units are all in production and shipping!

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Getting on the Waiting List

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I maintain the ordering process manually by sending out PayPal invoices.

Right now my estimated backlog is 1 month. (UPDATED 11/28/2018)

While I’m figuring out how to get this information into a fancy form that you can fill out and click to open it up in an email (which will be on a different website platform) please:

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1) Full Name:

2) Forum User Name(s) & where used:

3) Physical Address:

4) Ship-to Address (only if different):

5) Phone Number (for shipping):

6) Preferred e-mail address:

7) PayPal e-mail address (only if different):

8) Which size Algae Scrubber are you interested in? i.e. L2, L4, or L8? (L16 has limited availability)
Click here for sizing help
Click here for pricing

9) What would you consider your priority level and/or need to be?
1 = High, 2 = Med-high, 3 = Medium, 4 = Med-low, 5 = Low

10) Note/update regarding pumps: I currently do not carry pumps. Rio stopped including a Hose Barb adapter with their pumps, and all my suppliers have been out of stock for months.  You can use the table located in the lower half of this page as a guideline for the size pump you will need (depending on the scrubber and your plumbing setup)

11) Mounting brackets are not included, but I now offer self-customizable mounting rails for $30/set – do you need a set of these?
Click here for more information about Support Brackets

12) I do offer a military discount. Are you a Active or Retired US Military?

13) How did you find out about Turbo’s Aquatics?

14) Comments/questions?

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To ensure that you receive messages from me and/or my support system (some of which will contain formatted HTML and hyperlinks) you will need to add the support email address to your whitelist, contacts, Safe Senders list, etc – whatever your service provider calls it. If possible, add the entire domain This must be done online for the free services like gmail, hotmail/microsoft, yahoo, AOL, etc (if you add it to your phone or local email program, that does nothing)

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Gmail – just add to contacts
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Microsoft (hotmail, msn, live, outlook, etc) – Setting (wheel) -> Options -> Junk email: Safe Senders -> add domain -> CLICK SAVE
Step-by-step Hotmail (any Microsoft) guide

Yahoo – create filter to route email from to inbox
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AOL – I don’t have it, but I hear it’s pretty straight forward
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