The Rev 4 Turbo Algae Scrubber

Video overview of the 4th Revision (Rev 4) to my Turbo Algae Scrubber line of products.

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Natural Solution

Remove unwanted nutrients and nuisance algae from your aquarium the way nature would.

Easy Setup

I provide the plumbing adapters you need to quickly integrate the Turbo Scrubber into your sump.

Simple Maintenance

It only takes a few minutes to harvest your algae! Brushes and scraper included!

Engineered with Purpose

My goal has always been to make the best Algae Scrubber I possibly can – the highest overall quality, the most features, the best components, the highest level of optimization and the best customer service.


The square slot pipe directs water down your screen and eliminated the need for a light blocker


Mortar screen promotes a rapid start to algae growth in your new scrubber


The molded base and scrubber body create a rigid frame to support sliding light fixtures and cover plates


A custom multi-channel LED driver board allows fine control of red and violet channels with full range dimming


Full-capacity secondary drain virtually eliminates the possibility of overflow


The removable growth chamber makes harvest time a quick task

Features & Benefits

The last Algae Scrubber you will ever buy. Unless you by another one from me. They are really that awesome.

Powerful LED Lighting

Intense spectrum-specific light is the backbone of a powerful Algae Scrubber.  However, not everyone needs (or necessarily wants) to run their Algae Scrubber with the pedal to the floor.  In fact, that can cause problems, especially when starting one up from scratch.

My light fixtures are extremely intense when you need them to be, but they can be tuned to match the specific needs of your system.

Unique Square Slot Pipe

This is one of the core components of an Algae Scrubber.

The Slot Pipe is really very efficient, it’s just kind of a pain in the arse to make just right, so everyone tries to come up with an easier or different way.  Instead, I just designed a part that perfected it so that I wouldn’t have to make them by hand.

And by perfecting it, I mean, adding in features that you didn’t even know you needed.

Removable Growth Chamber

One of the most common feature requests I received over the years has been to either increase the width of the growth chamber (for those with “big hands”) or make it more easy to do things like remove the false bottom, or make it easier to clean out the growth chamber after removing the screen.

Being able to remove the growth chamber solves these, but that’s not all I did. I engineered the @#$^ out of the idea.