Aquarium Sumps from CWT Aquatics

More features than most AND we give you a secure place for your algae scrubber!

  • CWT Sumps

    Proudly manufactured in the US

    CWT Aquatics Sump
  • Algae Scrubber Ready

    Designed for Turbo’s Aquatics and Clear Water Scrubbers

    CWT Aquatics Sump
  • Intake Chamber

    Accommodates 4″ Filter Socks or Roller Matt

    CWT Aquatics Sump
  • Center Chamber

    Algae Scrubber Rail & Bracket System and Adjustable Water Level

    CWT Aquatics Sump
  • Return Chamber

    Designed for EcoTech Marine Vectra S2

    CWT Aquatics Sump

Sumps from CWT Aquatics are specifically designed for Clear Water Scrubbers and Turbo’s Aquatics algae scrubbers