Rev 5 Changes and Upgrades

My goal has always been to consider every aspect of the Algae Scrubber concept and come up with a comprehensive solution that is easy to install and maintain.  I feel like I hit the mark pretty well with Rev 4.  The issue was that I created a bit of a monster when it came to fabrication – I have a lot of fine details and quite a few workarounds that were the result of the parts not quite working together exactly as planned, along with some part production issues (like tolerances, etc).  This resulted in excess production times and huge lead times.  I’ve learned many lessons since releasing Rev 4 in early 2016, so it’s well past time for a makeover.

Changes & Upgrades

Some parts are being revised; others are being completely re-imagined. This means that there will be some backwards-compatibility of new Rev 5 parts to older Rev 4 units (and a limited level of compatibility of certain parts with older versions). More on this below under “List of Changes & Improvements”

Rev 5 Availability & Pricing (updated February 2022)


  • Rev 5 is in development, and has been for some time…there have been many delays and roadblocks.
  • I am now projecting a Spring 2023 release date.
  • Sizes available will include L2, L4, and L8


There will be a price increase for all sizes. I’ve kept prices stable for 5 years, while material costs have increased.
For anyone you gets on the “Interest List” prior to the official release date, the current retail pricing will still apply, which is:

  • L2: $399 + $25 shipping
  • L4: $549 + $35 shipping
  • L8: $849 + $45 shipping

** Shipping rates are subject to change and are for the US Lower 48 only. All other rates are quoted on an individual basis.

Rev 4 Availability & Pricing (updated February 2022)


  • Rev 4 units will be available at a discounted “Ding & Dent” price
    • Some parts may be blemished
    • Functionality will not be affected
    • Will include Generation 3.0 LED engine as soon as these are available
    • NOTE: Due to lead times on Gen 3.0 LED, Rev 4 Ding & Dent units with the 2.x engine will be available initially.
  • Production is active as of February 2022, and will be limited to approximately:
    • 100 L2s
    • 50 L4s
    • Minimal number of L8s (if any)
  • Purchase includes eligibility to receive certain backwards-compatible upgrades, when available
    • Primarily: Slot Pipe, Screen, Drain Control Valve, and Growth Chamber
    • Excludes upgrades related to Light Fixture
    • Parts will be provided at no material cost (only minimal shipping)
    • Upgrade offer will apply to all new customers since January 2020 (at minimum)

Pricing – Rev 4 Ding & Dent

All units will be discounted by 10%, with free shipping

  • L2: $399 + $25 shipping $359 Shipped
  • L4: $549 + $35 shipping $494 Shipped
  • L8: $849 + $45 shipping $764 Shipped

** Shipping rates are subject to change and are for the US Lower 48 only. All other rates are quoted on an individual basis. International customers will receive the equivalent discount on shipping

Backwards Compatibility of Rev 5 parts to Rev 4 Units

For anyone who currently owns a Rev 4 Turbo Algae Scrubber there are certain Rev 5 parts that will be backwards-compatible. I’ve listed compatibility at the bottom of each bullet list that follows:

List of Changes & Improvements

Light Fixture (form factor)

  • New heat sink
    • Modular design allows for literally any size array
    • Sealed (but no, you won’t be able to submerge it)
    • Revised mounting method
  • Generation 3.0 LED
    • New Driver/LED board design
    • New power supply
    • Multiple dimming options being developed
    • Same spectrum
    • LED Boards, Driver, Power supply are intended to be backwards-compatible to heat sinks used on all previous versions (Rev 1, 2, 3, and 4)
    • Goal: Apex compatibility (future)
  • Light Fixture “Rail” design will be maintained and improved
    • You will still be able to slide fixtures to the side to view growth
  • Goal (update: goal achieved): Ability to remove entire side panel & light fixture for maintenance
    • i.e., you will be able to remove the growth chamber from the side, in addition to sliding out the end or lifting out the top
    • Allows for installation in spaces with as little as 2″ of vertical clearance for maintenance without having to fully remove the scrubber
  • At least initially, the new fixture will not be backwards compatible with the current Rev 4 design
    • Compatibility is possible, but may require development of adapter parts (slated for possible future item)

New Slot Pipe design

  • Brand new concept for water distribution on an Algae Scrubber
  • Solves a few minor issues that customers have mentioned
  • Goal (update: goal achieved): Metric and Imperial compatibility
  • Super secret so I can’t tell you anything else yet.
    • neener neener neener
  • Going after a patent on this one so no one else can rip it off or copycat it **AHEM**, or at least if they do, they can’t stop me from making it (since that’s really all patents are good for these days…)
  • Backwards compatible with Rev 4

New screen material

  • Still troubleshooting this one, so the Mortar Screen might survive to Rev 5 for a short time
  • Primary driver for this is that is sucks making screens
    • On the flipside, my right arm gets pretty buff every time I make a large batch of scrubbers
  • Also super secret
  • Backwards compatible with Rev 4 (when used with new Slot Pipe)

End Cover Plates changing to a “door” design

  • Details will just have to wait until the reveal
  • May be backwards compatible with Rev 4

New injection molded Drain Control Valve

  • Again, another part that is kind of a pain in the **** to make
  • Will still allow for remote-control of the valve position for installations where the drain area is not easily accessible
  • Will not look “trailer park” anymore (I had one customer call it that, in a funny haha way)
  • Backwards compatible with Rev 4

Revisions to the L4 and L8 Growth Chambers

  • Yet another part that was great on paper, but takes way too much time to assemble
  • Otherwise will function the same and will look a bit prettier
  • Backwards compatible with Rev 4

A few other minor tweaks, but that’s the big stuff

Getting on the “Interest List”

There is no commitment and no pre-payment required. Once I have a firm delivery date, I’ll start taking orders.

To get on the “Interest List”, please go to the Ordering Page and follow the instructions to send me an email. This will open up a Support Ticket (it’s just email on your end)

Thank you!!

Bud Carlson
Turbo’s Aquatics