Support / Mounting Brackets

Extruded PVC Brackets are now in production!  The following pics are of the “sample” run parts that I received and tested.  They are white PVC, but the final product will actually be black PVC.

These will be available soon:

For up to 24″ length Rails, $30 for a set of 2, shipped (with or without scrubber purchase)
For between 24″ and 36″ length Rails, $40 for a set of 2, shipped (larger/ additional shipping tube)

I can ship these internationally as a stand-alone item, but the shipping is a killer…just FYI.

These will work for sure for the L2 and L4, very likely to work for the L8 (I need to test a few configurations still). They may not be stable enough for the L16 – I still need to thoroughly test this (the sample parts I have been working with are not 100% functional so I only have limited “data”)

The original idea was to make this one part of a 2-piece bracket – the second piece being a 3/4″ wide piece of 3/8″ thick acrylic, slid through the hole, that could span over the top of a sump – and then the PVC part would serve as an I-beam underneath it and anyone could just cut it to fit between the inner edges of their sump rim. This can still be done, but it’s actually not necessary…

All you need to do it cut off the “T” braces underneath and let the “tube” section extend over the lip of your sump. You can also notch a section out with a hacksaw or coping saw and have a section that overhangs the lip of your sump. Or, you can drill it and insert a thumbscrew, you can bond something to it, etc. Very versatile. If you wanted to secure your scrubber to these, you can drill a hole in the ABS Base of a Turbo Algae Scrubber, then drill a pilot hole in the Rail, and screw it right down to the rail with a standard screw (Stainless Steel recommended).

If you wanted extra strength, there is probably an aluminum extrusion or steel bar that could be slid into the hole as well.

But…they’re pretty strong all by themselves…which was what I was going for!!

48″ Rails, ~36″ Span: 0 lb

40 lb

80 lb

Alternatively, customized acrylic brackets are still available.  Here is typically what they look like (most will be made from all clear acrylic)

The base of the Rev 4 has a “waffle” pattern in order to reinforce it, so the braces made will include a foam strip that will “bite” into the base pattern (instead of the rubber strip shown in the pic above)

In order to make these, I just need a few dimensions: generally, the inner and outer dimensions of the span across which you will be placing the brackets.

Here is an example of how the brackets are made to fit:
Note: this example does not show the thumbscrews, but they will be included

Here are a few examples of the measurements you will need to provide.

For a standard or “stock” glass tank with a trim brace:

For a rimless tank (glass or acrylic):

For a eurobraced tank:

Note: in the above example, in most cases the Front and Back Brace dimension will be the same, but please double check this.

Here is as example of one customer’s installation: they cut a notch where the rail sits on their sump rim (in this case, it’s rimless glass, with a shelf around the inside perimeter)

You will generally only need about 1/4″ of the full-profile of the rail to be “hanging over” the front/back of your sump.  This way, if you accidentally bump the scrubber and/or rail, it will “bind” rather that just sliding out of the way.

I also recommend installing a strip of sticky-backed weatherstripping on top of the rail.  This way, the scrubber base (which is a “waffle” pattern) will “bite” into the foam and keep it in place.