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Older version User’s Manual

I haven’t had much free time to update this manual for the Rev 4.  Actually, the PDF attachment to this Article is the Rev 1 manual with strikeout edits to take out what no longer applied to the Rev 2 and Rev 3!  I never updated the manual for that version either…. However, here is […]

Drain Control Valve (inline flapper valve)

I have taken video instructions for the new drain valve but until this is edited and published, here is the low down: The Drain Control Valve should be installed on the main (centermost) drain, as this is the one that will handle the majority of the flow. The purpose of the valve is to restrict […]

LED Fixture operation and settings

The Rev 4 L2 comes with 2 fixtures that must be inter-connected: One fixture is the Master and the other is the Slave.  The connectors are foolproof so you cannot connect these incorrectly. The correct orientation of the fixtures is with the cords coming out of the bottom of the fixtures.  The LED boards are offset to line up with […]

Bonding PVC Pipe to the ABS Parts

Most aquarists are familiar with solvent welding (bonding) PVC fittings & pipe together.  But when it comes to bonding PVC to ABS, there are a few differences that are very important. With respect to the most recent Turbo Algae Scrubber, these differences are very important – improper solvent welding can lead to weak and leaky […]

Quick Start Guide

Updated 05/24/2016 This article contains the critical information you need to know when setting up your Turbo Algae Scrubber in a short format, with links to the more in-depth articles that are specific to the individual items/steps. Parts List Bonding PVC to ABS All Purpose Cement is ideal – one that lists both ABS and […]

Remote Controllable Drain Valve

Up until late September, I provided an in-line flapper valve in the primary drain line to help control the flow rate and provide for silent and bubble-free operation.  This worked fine until you needed to adjust it after a few weeks; the nylon thumbscrew would expand and seize up in the hole.I now include a […]

What is the mortar screen?

The Mortar Screen allows for your Algae Scrubber to mature in 2 stages: a fast initial stage, followed by a more gradual secondary stage. The Mortar Screen is #7 Plastic Canvas (knitting canvas) that has been roughed up and then coated with mortar.  The mortar has been allowed to cure (not dry) for 2-3 days, then the screen […]

Choosing a scrubber size

Probably the most frequently asked questions is “what size scrubber do I need for my system?”  This is sometimes an easy answer, but in many cases the answer is “it depends”. My scrubbers are sized primarily according to the level of feeding.  If you go here http://algaescrubber.zohosites.com/planning-your-algae-scrubber.html and scroll about 1/2 way down, you will see a […]