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I recently added this section to the website

.....and as of 10/7/16, I have removed the "buy" buttons. I am severely backlogged, and due to this, I am only taking new orders manually. You must submit a support ticket in order to make a purchase. I will do my best to give you a realistic time frame for delivery, but due to life circumstances, I have to manage how many units I can produce and thus how many backlogged orders I can take. But you can get on the waiting list at any time!!

The lead time from order placement to shipping is typically about a week, but it can be as long as 2. I am currently working on building up finished L2 stock in preparation for the arrival of L4, L8 and L16 parts.

If you place an order today right now (place an order....you want to place an order...right now....place an order...) you will be added to the end of the backlog. Take today's date, and add 1-2 weeks and that is a realistic expectation of when your unit will ship

If you do place an order, please also submit a support ticket with all of your information!

L2 Turbo Algae Scrubber

$399 + $20 shipping = $419

All customers should add this item to their cart. This does not include a pump or mounting brackets.

This item includes $20 flat-rate shipping within the US - if you are in the US Lower 48, this is the only item you need

Options - Pumps & Mounting Brackets

  • Rio 1100
  • Rio 1400
  • Mounting Brackets
Rio 1100

Standard L2 Pump

$30 (ships with scrubber)

Rio 1400
Mounting Brackets

International Shipping Addon = +$80

Shipping for most international orders is $100. The above item includes $20 of this, so this rounds the total shipping up to $100.

If you are outside of the Continental United States (lower 48), then add this item to your cart.

Actual shipping will be calculated and you will be partially refunded for any resulting overage.

Additional International Shipping Addon = +$20

Shipping to places like New Zealand, Australia, India, and the Middle East is sometimes just a bit more...so add both the International Shipping Addon and this one, which brings the total up to $120.

If you live anywhere like Alaska, Hawaii, the Middle East, etc - contact me directly please!


Sorry. Just go here and open a support ticket. It's as simple as sending an email! Just make sure you check your junk/spam for my reply.